Here's how a Wow Me! Trip works.

We'll still start with some basic info and a few simple decisions:

When do you want to travel?

Who do you want to travel with?  

Choose a budget per person ... 

Fill out the "Let's Get Going" form!

Here is where Wow Me! Trip is different:

We will reach out to you and discuss destination ideas, options for getting there and nightly accommodations (based on the budget you give us).  

You get to participate in the plans with one of our travel experts.  

We will recommend up to three Wow Me! destinations based on your budget, your preferences and your input.  

A week before your trip, the Wow Me! Trips pre-trip experience begins...  

we will send you an email about a week before with important details about your trip:

The weather forecast at your destination

Recommendations for packing

Transportation and accommodation confirmations for your Wow Me! Trip

A few days before your trip, your Wow Me! Trips package will arrive:

A Surprise Me! Trips bag with all the details about your destination and adventure ahead!

Your transportation & accommodation confirmations

A recommended list of things to see and do - customized just for you (including the "best of" places, local cuisine and other fun things based on what YOU like to do!)

Always check your bag for special discounts and deals that are provided exclusively for Wow Me! Trips travelers.


Your fabulous vacation awaits

... let us "WOW YOU"!