Here's how it works.

We get started with some basic information:

When do you want to go?

Who do you want to go with?   

Decide on a budget  

Fill out the "Let's Get Going" page

Then a week before your trip...the good stuff starts coming!  

we will send you an email about a week before with important details about your trip:

The weather forecast

What to pack 

When & where you need to be to start your Weekend Escape (i.e. Chicago airport at 8:30am)

A few days before your trip, your Surprise Me! Trips package will arrive including:

A Surprise Me! Trips bag with all the details about your destination and adventure ahead!

If you want the real "Surprise Me! Trips experience", DON'T OPEN YOUR BAG until you get to the starting location for your trip (provided in the email your received earlier in the week)

We'll also include a recommended itinerary customized for you ... including the "best of" places at your destination, local cuisine and other fun things based on what YOU like to do!

Be sure to check your bag for special discounts and deals that are provided exclusively for Surprise Me! Trips guests

 Our customers love surprise me! trips for girlfriend trips ~ mother-daughter trips ~ father-son trips ~ guys trips ~ 

family mystery trips ~ birthday celebration trips ~ anniversary trips ~ pop the question trips ... 

who do you want to travel and explore with? 


Some of our Favorite Weekend Escapes...

Your weekend escape is calling...let us SURPRISE YOU!