Surprise Me! Trips Week Long Getaway (single traveler)


Surprise Me! Trips Week Long Getaway (single traveler)

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** Checkout, Traveler Details & Preferences

When you purchase your package, you will fill out some initial information for the primary traveler (the person making the arrangements).  After checkout, we will send you a more in depth travel preferences form that will need to be returned to us within 24 hours.  This document will ask for more detailed traveler information, including who is traveling with you, as well as information on travel preferences, dining preferences, what you like to do when you travel, shopping preferences and much more.  The 24 hour return timeline is important so that we can get started arranging your trip!

** How Do I Choose a Budget? 

Our packages start out great, then get better & better with each increase in your selected budget.  For example, at the lower end of the budget range, your accommodations may be a simple, cheerful room in a fantastic location or at the very top of our budget range you may have a fabulous suite at the Ritz with gorgeous views!.  It's all up to you - we will deliver our best based on the season of the year and destinations to get you the most bang for your accommodation & travel budget!   If you are looking for pampering, upgrades and special amenities, just increase your budget a bit! We will knock your socks off!  

** The Surprise Me! Trip Details for this Package

This option is for a single traveler. You will travel by Air, Bus or Train.  All prices are per traveler. Your budget includes the following: transportation to & from your destination, accommodations for your trip, a custom "just for you" itinerary and special deals and incentives just for Surprise Me! Trips guests.