Surprise Me! Trips is an innovative travel company that arranges, plans and surprises you with the perfect weekend escape or week long getaway!  Based on your budget and preferences, we book your trip to a fantastic location, find you that perfect place to stay and provide you with an itinerary full of fun things to do while you are there!

It is really easy to book your trip.  Decide who you want to travel with, pick a Surprise Me! or Wow Me! trip, select your dates and your budget per person.  We will ask you for some details and personal preferences when you check out and we take care of the rest!

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible.  The more time we have to plan, the more "surprises" we will be able to arrange!  For a last minute getaway, we require a minimum of 2 weeks to make the magic happen. 

If you are booking a Surprise Me! Trip we are pretty confident that you are looking for an adventure and are ready for a new type of travel experience!  From San Diego to Victoria BC - from Chesapeake Bay to Cabo San Lucas - from Napa Valley to Hershey, PA - our travels have shown us that there is adventure, beauty and extraordinary experiences wherever you travel.  If you have an open mind and love to explore we know you will love Surprise Me! Trips destinations and our recommended activities, dining and sightseeing experiences.  We want you to discover new "favorite" destinations!

If you don't think a Surprise Me! Trip is for you - no problem!  Try a Wow Me! Trip!

Whether you choose a Surprise Me! or a Wow Me! Trip, your budget will include transportation for you and your travel companions to and from your destination city and accommodations at your destination.  In addition, we provide you with a destination guide customized to your favorite activities and interests along with Surprise Me! Trips deals and discounts.

Our packages start out great, then get better and better with each increase in your selected budget.  For example, at the lower end of the budget range, your accommodations may be a simple, cheerful room in a fantastic location and at the very top of our budget range, your accommodations may be a fabulous suite at the Ritz with your own private butler and chef!.  It's all up to you - we will deliver our best based on the season of the year and your destinations to get you the most bang for your accommodation & travel budget!   If you are looking for pampering, upgrades and special amenities, just increase your budget a bit! We will knock your socks off!  

A “Surprise Me! Trip” is exactly what it sounds like: We plan a trip for you based on your budget and a few other details you provide, then we surprise you with a the perfect weekend escape or week long getaway! Decide if you want a Traditional Surprise Me! Trip and escape or a Regional Road Trip and stay closer to home! Then choose a budget, tell us a little about you and your traveling companions … and we will book your trip to a fantastic location, find you that perfect place to stay and provide you with an itinerary full of fun things to do while you are there! A “Wow Me! Trip is slightly more traditional approach to planning your trip. We will take your ideas of where you want to travel and give you up to three destinations to choose from that fit your budget. You pick a destination and we go to work on a trip that will Wow you!

When you travel with a friend or family member you share accommodations and the cost of lodging is spread out over the total number of travelers.  A single traveler has to cover the entire cost of accommodations in their budget.  To make it more affordable, it is always best to travel with someone you enjoy spending time with!! 

We know you don't want to spend a lot of time traveling to your destination so we make sure that for your weekend trips your transportation (air, train, bus or your personal car for a road trip) does not take longer than 3-4 hours.  If you have selected a week long getaway, we try to keep your travel time under 5-6 hours so you can have more time to enjoy and explore your destination!

We use all major carriers and work hard to get those great seats for your trip. The higher your budget, the more likely you are to get upgrades.  Unfortunately, we can't add your frequent flier number or use your frequent flier miles for travel as that would spoil the surprise.  How, you wonder?  Well, if your signed into your account, you would be able to see where you are going and additionally, you would receive updates from your carrier about your upcoming flight and that would spoil the surprise!  The good news is that your favorite airline will allow you to add your trip mileage after you get back so you won't miss out on those valuable miles!  If you want to use your miles for transportation, consider a Wow Me! Trip and we can work with you.

Absolutely!  We gather information on all travelers going on a Surprise Me! Trip and that includes where each of you will be departing from.  We know that many of our travelers use a Surprise Me! Trip to get together with friends from around the country - and that is great fun!  We will always coordinate your arrivals &; departures as best as we can to make sure your trip gets off to a great start! 

We will ask you if you have a passport in our traveler preference survey.  If you have one, or will have one prior to your trip, our options for your trip destination expand.  For a weekend escape, there is a small possibility that you could go to Mexico or Canada if your travel time would allow for a full weekend at your destination.  For a week long getaway, there is a higher possibility that your destination may require a passport.  If you absolutely do not want to travel outside the U.S., please select "No international travel please".

Yes, you can!  Weekend Escapes are normally Friday to Sunday (2 nights, 3 days).  Week Long Getaways are normally Saturday to Saturday (7 nights, 8 days).  We are happy to start your Surprise Me! Trip on any day you choose as well as extend your trip for a few days if you would like.  If you decide to extend your trip, there will be an additional charge.  Please select and purchase your trip online and based on your budget, indicate if you want to extend your trip and we will advise you what the additional cost per person/per day will be within 24 hours.

In the checkout process, you will fill out a short form with information on the primary traveler (or main contact) for the group as well as a few questions related to the trip.  After check out, you will be sent a Traveler Preference Profile which will need to be returned to Surprise Me! Trips within 24 hours.  This form will gather required traveler information on all the travelers in the group as well as digging a little bit into your preferences.  We will ask you about your favorite travel destinations; what you like to do at home and when you travel; what type of dining options you like; and whether you or any member of your group needs special accommodations.  If you are traveling with children, we'll ask about their dislikes and, most importantly for a successful trip, what their favorite things to do are when you are on the road!

Don't forget, your Travel Preference Profile needs to be returned within 24 hours so we can get started right away on pulling together all the special touches for your trip! 

Accommodations are that special place where you relax, unwind and enjoy your destination!  At Surprise Me! trips we take your preferences seriously as we plan out your trip.  Your traveler preference profile will let us know what kind of accommodations your prefer and your selected budget guides us as to how upscale they will be.  Whether you like chain hotels, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, vacation home rentals or a cruise ship cabin we will find a great one for you!  No matter your budget or where we send you, we promise you will not be staying in second rate accommodations. The higher your budget, the more options we have in booking your trip.

If your hopes are set on extra pampering and deluxe accommodations, just raise your budget a little bit.

No, However, if your hotel provides free shuttles we will provide that information for you with your itinerary.  We will also provide a list of transportation options for you based on your destination but plan on using a taxi (or Uber or Lyft) to get to and from the airport or at your arrival point.  There are so many options to get around town while on a Surprise Me! Trip such as social ride-sharing companies, taxis, metro trains and public transportation you shouldn't need anything more.  Don't worry, we'll take care of recommendations if you need something more!

No, fuel is not included in your budget.  For a Regional Road Trip you are providing your own car for the transportation and will need to cover your own gas (or electricity, if you've gone green!).  The budget for a Regional Road Trip include accommodation costs, recommended stops along the way and suggestions for greats things to do & see at your destination.

No. Your budget covers only your travel and accommodation.  We will recommend activities and restaurants based on your travel preferences, but do not cover those expenses in your selected trip budget.  (Note: If you are lucky enough to end up on a surprise cruise vacation your meals will be included!)

Yes, we do!   Rates vary depending on the total cost of your trip and how many people are traveling.  When you check out, you will be offered an option to get information on travel insurance, so if you select that option, we will send you a quote for your trip shortly after we have all traveler information.  You can decide later if you would like to purchase a policy. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, we cannot guarantee any refunds based on weather delays/cancellations or personal conflicts/changes. This will also protect against any additional fees that might be incurred should your plans change for covered reasons.  Note: We partner with the highest rated insurance providers to offer you travel insurance.

We LOVE planning family trips and children can certainly double the fun of a Surprise Me! Trip!  Be sure to let us know your children's ages, genders, what you like doing together as a family - and what your kids absolutely don't like to do - on your travel preferences form!  We will provide you with family friendly activities and dining options in your custom destination guide to make your trip one for the memory books!

If you are traveling with an infant under 2 years of age, the good news is that they travel for free and there is no additional per person charge for children under 2 in your Surprise Me! trip budget. At your destination we are happy to arrange for a crib, an additional bed or other amenities you may need.  Just let us know in your Travel Preference Profile!

We love pets too!  However, our options for your travel and your accommodations shrink considerably when we need to include your pet.  So, for your best travel experience, we recommend that you leave your pets safely at home.

If you and your pet can't bear to be separated, be sure to let us know in the notes section of your travel preferences profile.  If you select one of our Regional Road Trips, you will be traveling in your personal car so, the transportation for your pet is not an issue.  If you select a Weekend, Week Long & Wow Me! Trip, we will contact you if there is a surcharge for your pet to travel with you and will advise you of the additional cost.  Additionally, we will do our best to find pet-friendly lodging but we cannot guarantee our usual high level of accommodations.

Payment for your Surprise Me! or Wow Me! trips is made upfront when you order your trip.  You will complete an initial form during checkout and fill in your credit card information.  Your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the trip when you select purchase on the check out page.  Your package price includes taxes and we don't charge booking fees like most travel agents so the package price is all you will pay.  Once your payment is confirmed, our team begins the process of finding the best destinations and deals for your custom trip!  As we mentioned above in the FAQs, the more time we have to plan, the more "surprises" we will be able to arrange!   Our goal is to maximize the budget you give us and deliver the highest value for your travel and accommodations.

PAYMENTS, REFUNDS & RISK It is our policy that the credit card used to purchase your trip belong to one of the travelers on the trip. If a third party credit card is used, please see our terms and condition for more info. Regarding split payments, we prefer that you consolidate your payment onto one card so that you can use our website booking tool.  However, we will be happy to work with you via our customer care team on split payments. Just give us a call at 512-677-1455.

We have you covered!  Your Surprise Me! or Wow Me! Trip package will be sent to the primary traveler one week prior to your departure via 2 day Priority Mail.  We will send you the tracking number along with your "Excitement is Building" email when your package goes into the mail.  If the package gets lost or doesn't make it, not to worry, all of your documents are backed up electronically and are sent to you via email on your day of departure as well!  Give us a call if your package has not arrived 3-4 days prior to your departure and we will take care of it!

Sorry, no.  Our trips are limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents at this time.

We want you to know that we are here for you while you are enjoying your Surprise Me! or Wow Me! trip.  Our customer service team is available via phone or email 24/7 and will step in to smooth out any issues.

Want to see someone smile?  Gift a Surprise Me! or a Wow Me! trip!  You can purchase a gift certificate in several denominations and we will send your recipient a "Surprise Me!" or "Wow Me!" interactive email with redemption information.  You can personalize a message to them in the check out process and it will be included!

Your Surprise Me! Trips Gift Cards are valid for 3 years from date of issue.

The Surprise Me! Trips savings bank works just like a savings account. You can put money in at any time and save up for the trip you want to take.